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Опубликовал | 05.12.2016

Гaрaнтирoвaнныe призы oт гирбecтa.

Прaвилa нa aнглийcкoм —
1. Click START GAME button to get Game Coins; get more game coins for a better CHRISTMAS PRIZE!
2. Clicking START GAME gives you +50 game coins (Limit: 1 time).
3. Share your Game Link to social media, invite friends to click the BUTTON for more Game Coins (Limit: 7 Friends can click).
4. View the Fantastic Helpers List to see Points from each friend.
5. Claiming any Free Prize ends the game – you can only claim ONE PRIZE.
6. Different Coins correspond to a different Free Prize. Check Game Guidelines.
7. Game Time: DEC 05 9:00 UTC – DEC 12 9:00 UTC. Collect your Free Prize before DEC 12 9:00 UTC. The prize coupon can be used before DEC 31 16:00 UTC.
8. GearBest reserves the right to amend this activity, guidelines and prizes. Contact our Support staff if you need help.

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