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Комплект фонарей: велофара + задний фонарь на шлем. Цена символическая.
Аккумулятор 1200mAh.

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Package Contents: 1 x Headlight, 1 x Taillight, 1 x Base, 1 x USB Cable

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Main Features:
• USB interface charging
Powered by built-in 1200mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, it can be charged and discharged reciprocally, charging speed is fast, discharge time is long, generally charging 3 — 4 hours, discharge time is about 3 — 7 hours.
• High performance optical design
It adopts crystal-grade acrylic transparent spotlight cover, the distance of illumination is long, and the visible distance at night is 30 — 50 meters, which fully guarantees your riding safety.
• Click switch design
Lighting mode: highlight, low light, flashing, off, long press for 2 seconds to close, to meet the riding function requirements.
• Battery indicator
When the remaining power is less than 25 percent, the indicator light is red.
• Charging indication
When the battery is fully charged, the indicator light is blue.
• Screw bracket design for easy installation
• With taillights, riding at night is safer
• High quality silicone material, waterproof and durable
• Applicable handlebar diameter: 20 — 31mm
Type: Front Light,Tail Light
Suitable for: Mountain Bicycle,Road Bike,Touring Bicycle
Power Supply: USB Cable

Купоны MGHOT15, BFHOT20 работают. цена $4,50

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